President Donald J. Trump is Reimposing Sanctions Lifted Under the Horrible Iran Deal

President Trump will continue to stand up to the Iranian regime’s aggression

President Donald J. Trump is Reimposing Sanctions Lifted Under the Horrible Iran Deal

NEW YORK ( – REIMPOSING TOUGH SANCTIONS: President Donald J. Trump’s Administration is taking action to reimpose sanctions lifted under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

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  • Bullies who are slaves of isreal at work

  • Damn, why must we have tension with Iran? They have the most beautiful women on the planet

  • Lieberman is POS

  • Go away Lieberman.

  • Did they have the nerve to put an (I) for independent next to his name? How about (E) for Evil.

  • One of the worst foreign policy decisions by Trump. This will not end good…..

  • I saw the Europeans trying to negotiate with Iran on their own. The Europeans were begging and pleading, and the Iranians were looking at them thinking over what they could extract from Europe for peace.

  • Lieberman is a neocon and a staunch proponent of Iraq war and all other endless wars in the middle east. Unfortunately these wars depleted our saving, social security and medicare and did not enhance prosperity for the majority of Americans.

  • Sanctions will hurt US consumers. Iran will do all the business they need with China, Russia and the world. It's pure stupidity.

  • Why it's none other than Joe Lieberman, the Chameleon Politician! What am I today? Am I a republican? Am I a democrat? Am I a liberal? Am I a conservative? It depends on who is in office, and whose nut sac I'm trying to lick to curry favor …. I really don't care as long as I stay in power, I'll lick everyone's nut sac … listen to me, I've got nothing to say that anyone with half a brain really cares about!!

    GFU Joe, you should have done us all a favor and retired a long time ago. We have enough problems without people like you – republicans that front as something else that sells out both sides and plays them against the middle. That's how we ended up with a raging Dumpster Fire in the Oval Office. So we all know you want a hot nuclear war with Iran, but you aren't going to get it so please STFU.

  • EU blocks Iran sactions. No more Trump-US lapdog. 👍👍👍

  • USA is a nasty country who live on wars, lies propaganda robbing wealth from weaker countries. It's really . All the Senate's are thugs and corrupted people

  • This woman she hate iran now is happy but she don't know that this sanctions could breaking USA empire and zionist regime will end if they play fire

  • not russia controlls usa but israel with all his dual citizens.

  • It's "its" not "it's."

  • you are some reals bitches! you stop and rape the contract you signed and then you say as thats normal to make sanctions against them! you just some son of bitches, you have some blood on you hand and your real place is in jail.

  • The USA needs to stop messing with Iran and fix their healthcare system

  • You ran away from the deal so yeah, return back and stop the sanctions because if you expecting from a "second revolution" to stop the nuclear program (in case the Europeans leave) then you are fools.

  • We had a deal

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