Carrie Fisher Will Reportedly Appear in ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’

Carrie Fisher will appear as Leia Organa in new Star Wars movie

Carrie Fisher Will Reportedly Appear in ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’

NEW YORK ( – Carrie Fisher will appear as Leia Organa in “Star Wars: Episode IX” through unused footage from “The Force Awakens,” according to Lucasfilm.


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  • Natasha come get it

  • The shirt is other way around

  • Wtf won't they use CGI? They did that for her in Rogue One. ??

  • I have never seen a single star wars episode….ever. Never have, never will. All you star wars nerds need to chill and accept that anything Disney is for CHILDREN

  • Don't we all know this months ago?

  • The next one isn't even episode 9 it's 8

  • Lol she dead

  • Well… I mean she has to die in the movie in order to remove her. Leia is like the 3 most important one. Tf did y'all expect?

  • nice breast lol

  • Jay Z just took down his music from Spotify and Apple Music Y'all ?

  • treat my lambo like a fisher price

  • Crazy how I got a Fast and Furious 8 trailer

  • okay I'm sorry but she is absolutely fucking gorgeous. lol

  • Episode 9? Isn't the next one episode 8?

  • I hope Princess Leia becomes a force ghost

  • I thought Star Wars was for them lame niggas. Not us Hip Hop heads.

  • damn Natasha, i never seen you that fine before.

  • I remember when she fucked Harrison Ford while he was married lol

  • Rest In Peace

  • What the fuck i literally just finished watching rogue one

  • We all already know she's dead wtf are they trying to do convince us that she's not ??

  • rip carrie fisher

  • Show the whole tiddy

  • They did this with paul walker now carrie fisher. naaaaa bro Let them be

  • Everybody shoulda known this. Filming was for her was done before she died.

  • Natasha's titties lookin succulent ?

  • I'd be happy to see Natasha in Leia's gold slave bikini ??

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